Fw: Booting genode/nova

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Mon Jun 16 09:08:54 CEST 2014


On 15.06.2014 20:07, w_schmidt at ...181... wrote:
> I tried the following:
> on the x201 enable AMT, setup a new user wolfgang with password and enable
> SOL. I set a IP4 adress of With the username and password i can
> log into the AMT web site of the computer.


> On a hp i tried the commands from
> http://genode.org/documentation/release-notes/13.05 (On the client i
> installed amtterm 1.3 from repository.)
> export AMT_TEST_MACHINE_PWD=Test$$44$$ (yep i know, but the machine cannot
> connect to the outside world)
> and tried
> RUN_OPT="--target amt" make run/printf
> The x201 does not seem to get touched - even with disconnected network cable
> the test is succesful.

This looks like that the run script doesn't recognize that you wanted to
use Intel's AMT. Can you please have a look (or post the log) in the log
for something like "No support for Intel's AMT detected."

> I honestly does not understand amt. I tried to use amtterm instead to try
> out the connection. With amtterm i get a "amtterm: AUTH - ERROR (failure)
> amtterm: ERROR: session authentification failed". I know that amtterm has
> nothing to do with genode directly, but if you are using it could you give a
> hint for the right direction?

Make sure that you also have enabled in the AMT menu an option called
"Legacy redirection mode" - without we had no luck to get SOL working
and that you "active the network p

The best is first to try and to get the amttool and amtterm working in
general. For example try

user> AMT_PASSWORD=<your password> amttool powerup
user> AMT_PASSWORD=<your password> amttool reset
user> AMT_PASSWORD=<your password> amttool powerdown

in a shell. If this works our run script support should be able to reset
the machine (we use only "reset" - so you have to power on the machine
by your own before using it.)

If this works amtterm can be invoked by

user> amtterm -u admin -p <your password>

and should give you a connection.


Alex B.

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