Using a real harddisk

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thanks, the workaround works (i used 128M now for ACPI - the script now 
finds the drive.

3 new questions now arise
- 1. With which part of the output do I know that the RAM quota is 
- 2. If i try to use the blk_cache still the "[init -> rump_fs] 
Backend::Backend(): Backend blk_size 512" comes up
- 3. The partition scheme seems somehow wrong.
The following output is shown
[init -> part_blk] Partition 1: LBA 2048 (61440 blocks) type: 7
[init -> part_blk] Partition 2: LBA 63488 (167069696 blocks) type: 7
[init -> part_blk] Partition 3: LBA 238815230 (73764866 blocks) type: 5
[init -> part_blk] Partition 5: LBA 238815232 (1951744 blocks) type 83
[init -> part_blk] Partition 6: LBA 240769024 (3903488 blocks) type 83

I think the first 2 are Windows partitions - no problem.
Partition 3 is a DOS partition`which i can't find on the system (?)
Partitions 5 & 6 i find a bit odd, i think 83 are linux partitions.

If i use df -T i see
/dev/sda9 -> / ext4
/dev/sda5 -> /boot ext2
/dev/sda6 -> /genodeTest1 ext2
/dev/sda7 -> /genodeTest2 ext2

With 7 i get a message that the partition is not found.
With 6 /dev/sda6 seems to be used, with 5 sda5. Why can't i see sda7 onwards

Best regards,
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Hello Wolfgang,

On 06.07.2014 18:01, w_schmidt at ...181... wrote:
> Hi,
> i have still problems accessing a real harddisc.
> I now started again using the rump_ext2 test.
> Is usd the run script below and get no result at all, it stops at
> [init -> acpi -> pci_drv] virtual void Genode::Platform_env::release(): 
> used
> after freeing emergency=520192

I've seen this symptom, too, recently, and it seems that the RAM quota 
upgrade request of the PCI driver is not handled correctly.
As a workaround, can you try giving the ACPI driver more RAM quota?


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