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Hi Norman, 
Thanks for the reply. I did some more looking around, read the GPL license, read wikipedia's overview etc.
I guess the important bit that is illustrated in the Wikipedia (, under 'Use of licensed software' is ....
....'software running as an application program under a GPL-licensed operating system such as Linux is not required to be licensed under GPL or to be distributed with source-code availability—the licensing depends only on the used libraries and software components and not on the underlying platform.[50] For example if a program consists only of own original custom software, or is combined with source code from other software components,[51]then the own custom software components need not be licensed under GPL and need not make their code available; even if the underlying operating system used is licensed under the GPL, applications running on it are not considered derivative works.'

So in our case, we don't have an issue with GPL. Phew! :)
Best regards,Nick

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> Hi Nick,
> > Could someone possibly make a definitive comment on this - what is the
> > license for any code sitting on top of Genode?
> > 
> > If it's pure GPLv2 then I, for one, am stuck as I will have no control
> > on what third parties will place on the application level.
> Genode's regular license is GPLv2, which implies that "derivative work"
> inherits the license. So software based on Genode will be Free Software.
> This is by intention.
> Note, however, that not all software that runs "on top" of Genode is
> "derivative work". For example, the 3rd-party software packages as found
> in the ports and libports repositories are hardly to be considered as
> such. So there is no single definite answer to your question.
> That said, Genode Labs offers the option to commercially license Genode.
> If you think that GPLv2 prevents you from going forward with your plans,
> please get in touch via
>   licensing at ...1...
> Best regards
> Norman
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