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Tue Jan 28 12:59:50 CET 2014

Hello Anna,

welcome to the list ;-)

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 02:58:35PM +0400, Анна Будкина wrote:
> I'm measuring throughput between two hosts. I use genode running on
> fiasco.OC on one machine and monolithic Linux on another machine. There's
> 82579LM NIC on each host. I'm running script. As acpi
> driver doesn't work on my machine i'm using pci_drv driver. Another problem
> is that level-triggered interrupts are not recieved and i'm polling
> interrupts in the internal cycle in /os/src/lib/dde_kit/

I was slightly astonished by the bad benchmark results. So, I tried
today's Genode master with the following scenario:

  * Genode on Lenovo T61 (82566mm, PCIe 8086:1049)
  * Linux on T410 (82577LM, PCIe 8086:10ea)

With your patch I got

  ! PERF: TCP_STREAM              2.02 MBit/s
  ! PERF: TCP_MAERTS              8.00 MBit/s

This substantiates my assumption that your implemented "polling"
degrades the performance significantly. The original code without
polling produces

  ! PERF: TCP_STREAM              65.59 MBit/s
  ! PERF: TCP_MAERTS              543.35 MBit/s

which is no top-notch result, but looks more promising. We did not
investigate the performance drop on TCP_STREAM up to now, but suspect
the NIC driver or its integration to be the cause.

Best regards
Christian Helmuth
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