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    Thanks for greeting me on your Genode list.

you asked:
*   Would you recommend the Zedboard as a low-cost HW/SW codesign*
*platform? *

   I opted for a ZedBoard over a microZed / BaseBoard pair...only because
of it's more established support eco-system..     That said the MircoZed
platform will be a much better selection in the far longer run.

    One note about the MicroZed, it's USB connector is currently shipped
configured from the factory to be host only...i.e. the Zynq SOC chip's USB
to go capabilities apparently require a board level component

   ZedBoard has only 512MegaByte of DRAM, as opposed to the MicroZed's 1Gig.

   I don't yet know the details...   further more the low end Zynq chips on
Zed and microZed, do not support multi-gigibit SERDES channels...only up to
950Mbit/sec per LVDS pair.

    the Zed board has a fair amount of additional I/O hardware, HDMI output
or reversed as an Input) driven via the FPGA .....   so you folks shout be
able to move the Genode Nitpicker video logic over quite easily....   that
would be great!

   But I hear from a Ed
Berdahl<>that the
Audio analog section on the ZedBoard may be a far cry from a hi
quality implementation.

You might want to check out ZYBO a lower cost Zynq 7010 platform from
also:  the Zynq-7000 AP SoC Extension Card By

you asked:
*    I wonder in particular if it comes with a license for the*
*Xilinx ISE+EDK (or however it is called for the Zynq-7000), which is*
*pretty expensive otherwise?*

    These days the older ISE+EDK tool kit has been replaced by,
Vivado<> a
major 500+ man year, tool-chain from scratch re-write. that apparently was
quite the implementation challenge..   I have only begun to work with I can't tell you much about it from my own experiences as of yet.

    The ZedBoard comes with a 1-year 7020 device locked licence certificate
for Vivado. The microZed (development kit only, not the OEM modules), come
witha 1-year 7010 device locked licence certificate.

* y*ou asked:
*    If not, what is the designated target **audience for the board?*

   The ZedBoard implementation, was Avnet / Digilent's first more cost
effective entry point into the Xilix Zync SOC eco-system, many both by them
and other's will follow...   for example the
Parallella<> has
a Zynq 7010 device on it,  but I gather at $ does not come with a
licence certificate for

    Altera also will have good offerings in terms of leading egde SOCs...


On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 3:14 AM, Norman Feske
<norman.feske at ...1...>wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> welcome to the list! Bringing Genode to Zynq-7000 looks like a very cool
> project. Given that base-hw already supports Cortex-A9, it is not too
> far off to give it a try.
> Btw, Would you recommend the Zedboard as a low-cost HW/SW codesign
> platform? I wonder in particular if it comes with a license for the
> Xilinx ISE+EDK (or however it is called for the Zynq-7000), which is
> pretty expensive otherwise? If not, what is the designated target
> audience for the board?
> Cheers
> Norman
> Btw, I skimmed through your paper on voting and found it pretty
> interesting. Like many, I encountered the "wasted vote" effect first
> hand several times.
> On 01/23/2014 10:59 PM, Peter Lindener wrote:
> > Dear
> >     Genodians-
> >
> >     I enter your world wishing / working for a world were we can feel
> > more certain that computing systems can be trusted...   is seems clear
> > that those form Genodia have also come to see this vision..
> >
> >    I contacted Martin Stein, regarding his work with
> > running/co-designing Genode's core within an FPGA....   I'm just
> > starting to work with ZedBoard
> > <>...   He suggested that I
> > might sign up on this mailing list.
> >
> >    I am a Information Theoretic Social Decision System Theorist...  See
> > our Introductory paper
> > <> published inthe
> > journal Voting Matters <>.  from our
> > perspective secure computation will be critical towards the electorate's
> > trust in more advanced, network based social decision systems.
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