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Here are my three cents,

On 12/28/2014 07:26 AM, Nobody III wrote:
> Gmail is strugging with sending one or more of my emails, so I've
> created a new email thread. Basically, AHCI isn't working with part_blk
> for me. I am running genode (foc_x86_32) on real hardware. With rom_blk,
> part_blk works fine. With ahci, it freezes. I have found the line of
> code in part_blk relevant to the freezing to be the following part of
> partition_table.h:
> _session(Driver::driver().session())
> Any help?

For me it looks as if the AHCI driver is not working for you. It didn't
work before for you, as I didn't really follow this thread: Do you own
different hardware by now? Did you start the ACPI driver? What kernel
are you using? You can try to set the 'verbose' variable in
'repos/os/src/driver/ahci/include/ahci_driver_base.h' to 'true' and look
for an "Int status: x global: x port: x error: x" message. If you don't
get one, the driver is not working and part_blk will be unable to read
the partition table, and thus not announce its block session. If you
don't see the message above, please do as Josef suggested:

> In that regard I treat a log file of the executed scenario as
> mandatory and the used run script as sufficient information.
> Providing the run script enables us to examine the issue more
> directly and on certain accounts it can be turned into a regression
> test.

Do you have serial output by now? If not, that should be the first thing
to fix.


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