Help compiling Genode on hw_rpi

Reinier Millo Sánchez rmillo at ...210...
Sat Aug 30 20:59:55 CEST 2014

Hi Christian
I have activated this repos on my configuration

BASE_DIR      = $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/base
MAKE += -j12
REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/base-hw
REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/dde_linux

I have executed the command line to prepare dde_linux port
./tool/ports/prepare_port dde_linux

After that only do a make run/demo an this is the output:

using run script 
using run script 
spawn make core init drivers/timer server/nitpicker app/pointer 
app/status_bar server/liquid_framebuffer app/launchpad app/scout 
test/nitpicker server/nitlog drivers/framebuffer drivers/pci 
drivers/input server/report_rom drivers/usb drivers/platform
make[1]: Entering directory 
checking library dependencies...
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/exynos5 because it requires exynos5
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/imx53 because it requires imx53
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/omap4 because it requires omap4
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/pl11x/pbxa9 because it requires pl11x 
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/pl11x/vea9x4 because it requires pl11x 
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/pl11x/vpb926 because it requires pl11x 
Skip target drivers/framebuffer/sdl because it requires linux sdl
Skip target drivers/input/imx53 because it requires imx53
Skip target drivers/input/ps2/pl050 because it requires pl050
Skip target drivers/input/ps2/x86 because it requires x86 ps2
Skip target drivers/pci/device_pd because it requires nova
Skip target drivers/pci/x86 because it requires x86
Skip target drivers/platform/arndale because it requires platform_arndale
Skip target drivers/platform/gta01 because it requires platform_gta01
Skip target drivers/platform/imx53 because it requires imx53
Library-description file is missing
     MERGE    platform.lib.a
   Library platform
   Library syscall
     MERGE    syscall.lib.a
   Library scout_gfx
     COMPILE  sky_texture_painter.o
   Library cxx
   Library blit
     COMPILE  exception.o
   Library core-perf_counter
     COMPILE  blit.o
   Library mini_c
     COMPILE  perf_counter.o
     COMPILE  guard.o
     COMPILE  abort.o
   Library alarm
     COMPILE  atol.o
     COMPILE  alarm.o
   Library init_pd_args
   Library server
   Library config
     COMPILE  config.o
     COMPILE  server.o
     COMPILE  pd_args.o
   Library startup
     COMPILE  _main.o
     COMPILE  malloc_free.o
     MERGE    core-perf_counter.lib.a
     ASSEMBLE crt0.o
     MERGE    blit.lib.a
     COMPILE  malloc_free.o
     COMPILE  memcmp.o
     COMPILE  init_main_thread.o
     COMPILE  misc.o
     COMPILE  memset.o
     COMPILE  mini_c.o
     COMPILE  printf.o
     MERGE    alarm.lib.a
     COMPILE  snprintf.o
     COMPILE  new_delete.o
     MERGE    scout_gfx.lib.a
     COMPILE  unwind.o
     COMPILE  strlen.o
     COMPILE  strtod.o
     COMPILE  strtol.o
     COMPILE  vsnprintf.o
     MERGE    startup.lib.a
     MERGE    mini_c.lib.a
   Library libz_static
     COMPILE  adler32.o
     COMPILE  compress.o
     MERGE    supc++.o
     COMPILE  crc32.o
     COMPILE  deflate.o
     COMPILE  gzio.o
     CONVERT  supc++.o
     COMPILE  infback.o
     COMPILE  inffast.o
     COMPILE  inflate.o
     MERGE    cxx.lib.a
     COMPILE  inftrees.o
     COMPILE  trees.o
   Library base-common
     COMPILE  uncompr.o
     COMPILE  zutil.o
     COMPILE  allocator/allocator_avl.o
     COMPILE  allocator/slab.o
     COMPILE  avl_tree/avl_tree.o
     COMPILE  child/child.o
     MERGE    server.lib.a
     COMPILE  console/console.o
     COMPILE  elf/elf_binary.o
     COMPILE  heap/heap.o
     COMPILE  heap/sliced_heap.o
     COMPILE  ipc/ipc.o
     COMPILE  ipc/ipc_marshal_cap.o
     COMPILE  kernel/interface.o
     COMPILE  lock/lock.o
     COMPILE  process/process.o
     COMPILE  server/common.o
     COMPILE  server/server.o
     COMPILE  signal/common.o
     COMPILE  signal/signal.o
     COMPILE  thread/bootstrap.o
     COMPILE  thread/context_allocator.o
     COMPILE  thread/trace.o
     MERGE    libz_static.lib.a
   Library libpng_static
     COMPILE  png.o
     COMPILE  pngerror.o
     MERGE    init_pd_args.lib.a
     COMPILE  pngget.o
     COMPILE  pngmem.o
     COMPILE  pngpread.o
     COMPILE  pngread.o
     COMPILE  pngrio.o
     COMPILE  pngrtran.o
     COMPILE  pngrutil.o
     COMPILE  pngset.o
     COMPILE  pngtrans.o
     COMPILE  pngwio.o
     COMPILE  pngwrite.o
     COMPILE  pngwtran.o
     COMPILE  pngwutil.o
     MERGE    config.lib.a
     MERGE    base-common.lib.a
   Library base
     COMPILE  console/log_console.o
     COMPILE  cpu/cache.o
     COMPILE  env/context_area.o
     COMPILE  env/env.o
     COMPILE  env/reinitialize.o
     COMPILE  thread/start.o
   Library core
     COMPILE  thread/thread.o
     COMPILE  _main.o
     ASSEMBLE boot_modules.o
     COMPILE  console.o
     COMPILE  context_area.o
     COMPILE  core_mem_alloc.o
     COMPILE  core_rm_session.o
     COMPILE  cpu.o
     COMPILE  cpu_session_component.o
     COMPILE  cpu_session_support.o
     COMPILE  dataspace_component.o
     COMPILE  dump_alloc.o
     COMPILE  io_mem_session_component.o
     COMPILE  io_mem_session_support.o
     COMPILE  irq_session_component.o
     COMPILE  kernel/irq.o
     COMPILE  kernel/kernel.o
     COMPILE  kernel/pd.o
     COMPILE  kernel/processor.o
     COMPILE  kernel/processor_pool.o
     COMPILE  kernel/signal_receiver.o
     COMPILE  kernel/thread.o
     MERGE    libpng_static.lib.a
     COMPILE  kernel/vm.o
     COMPILE  main.o
     COMPILE  pager.o
     COMPILE  pd_session_component.o
     COMPILE  platform.o
     COMPILE  platform_pd.o
     COMPILE  platform_services.o
     COMPILE  platform_thread.o
     COMPILE  ram_session_component.o
     COMPILE  ram_session_support.o
     COMPILE  rm_session_component.o
     COMPILE  rm_session_support.o
     COMPILE  rom_session_component.o
     COMPILE  signal_session_component.o
     ASSEMBLE spec/arm/crt0.o
     COMPILE  spec/arm/kernel/thread_base.o
     COMPILE  spec/arm_v6/cpu.o
     ASSEMBLE spec/arm_v6/mode_transition.o
     COMPILE  thread/thread.o
     COMPILE  spec/rpi/platform_support.o
     COMPILE  thread_start.o
     COMPILE  trace_session_component.o
     COMPILE  version.o
     MERGE    base.lib.a
   Library launchpad
   Program app/pointer/pointer
     COMPILE  main.o
     COMPILE  launchpad.o
   Program app/status_bar/status_bar
     CONVERT  binary_default.tff.o
     COMPILE  main.o
   Library scout_widgets
     CONVERT  binary_closed_icon.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_downarrow.rgba.o
   Program drivers/framebuffer/rpi/fb_drv
     CONVERT  binary_kill_icon.rgba.o
   Program drivers/platform/rpi/platform_drv
     COMPILE  main.o
   Program drivers/input/dummy/dummy_input_drv
     CONVERT  binary_loadbar.rgba.o
     COMPILE  main.o
     COMPILE  main.o
   Library timer
     CONVERT  binary_mono16.tff.o
     COMPILE  main.o
     CONVERT  binary_opened_icon.rgba.o
   Program init/init
     COMPILE  main.o
     CONVERT  binary_redbar.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_sizer.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_slider.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_titlebar.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_uparrow.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_vera16.tff.o
     CONVERT  binary_vera18.tff.o
     CONVERT  binary_vera20.tff.o
     CONVERT  binary_vera24.tff.o
     CONVERT  binary_verabi10.tff.o
   Program server/nitlog/nitlog
     CONVERT  binary_mono.tff.o
     CONVERT  binary_verai16.tff.o
     COMPILE  main.o
     CONVERT  binary_whitebar.rgba.o
     COMPILE  elements.o
   Program server/nitpicker/nitpicker
     CONVERT  binary_default.tff.o
     COMPILE  global_keys.o
     COMPILE  scrollbar.o
     LINK     fb_drv
     COMPILE  main.o
     COMPILE  tick.o
     COMPILE  widgets.o
     LINK     dummy_input_drv
     COMPILE  user_state.o
     LINK     pointer
     COMPILE  view.o
     MERGE    scout_widgets.lib.a
     COMPILE  view_stack.o
     LINK     platform_drv
   Program server/report_rom/report_rom
     COMPILE  main.o
     MERGE    timer.lib.a
   Program test/nitpicker/testnit
     COMPILE  test.o
   Program drivers/timer/timer
     COMPILE  empty.o
     LINK     timer
   Program server/liquid_framebuffer/liquid_fb
     COMPILE  main.o
     COMPILE  services.o
     LINK     status_bar
     MERGE    launchpad.lib.a
     LINK     nitlog
   Program app/scout/scout
   Program app/launchpad/launchpad
     COMPILE  about.o
     COMPILE  launcher.o
     COMPILE  launchpad_window.o
     COMPILE  main.o
     LINK     init
     CONVERT  binary_about.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_backward.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_cover.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_forward.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_genode_logo.png.o
     CONVERT  binary_home.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_index.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_launchpad.png.o
     CONVERT  binary_liquid_fb_small.png.o
     CONVERT  binary_nav_next.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_nav_prev.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_pointer.rgba.o
     CONVERT  binary_setup.png.o
     CONVERT  binary_x-ray_small.png.o
     COMPILE  browser_window.o
     COMPILE  doc.o
     COMPILE  launcher.o
     COMPILE  main.o
     COMPILE  navbar.o
     MERGE    core.lib.a
   Program core/core
     COMPILE  dummy.o
     LINK     core
     COMPILE  png_image.o
     LINK     testnit
     LINK     report_rom
     LINK     liquid_fb
     LINK     nitpicker
     LINK     scout
     LINK     launchpad
make[1]: Leaving directory 
cp: cannot stat `bin/usb_drv': No such file or directory
     while executing
"exec cp bin/$binary [run_dir]/genode"
     (procedure "copy_and_strip_genode_binaries_to_run_dir" line 4)
     invoked from within
"copy_and_strip_genode_binaries_to_run_dir $binaries"
     (procedure "build_boot_image" line 5)
     invoked from within
"build_boot_image $boot_modules"
line 210)
     invoked from within
"source $include_name"
     ("foreach" body line 3)
     invoked from within
"foreach include_name [get_cmd_arg --include ""] {
     puts "using run script $include_name"
     source $include_name
line 905)
make: *** [run/demo] Error 1

Best regards

On 08/30/2014 02:52 PM, Christian Prochaska wrote:
> Hello Reinier,
> I just tried to reproduce the problem, but all went well here. Can you please post the complete build log?
> Christian
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