Mark vea9x4 and imx31 deprecated

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27 авг. 2014 г., в 15:51, Stefan Kalkowski <stefan.kalkowski at ...106......> написал(а):

> Hey Genode hackers,
> I'd like to propose to mark the following hardware boards as deprecated,
> and to discontinue the support of both platforms in Genode in the medium
> term for the following reasons:
> * i.MX31 is pretty old, and AFAIK not used by any Genode hackers
> * The Versatile Express platform is mainly used to get hands on fresh
> ARM CPUs at first, not widely used as a normal development board, and
> not used as a platform in practice at all, moreover it's quite
> expensive, and thereby not widespread.
> * The support of Cortex A9 cpus (cpu used in vea9x4) is already covered
> by the Pandaboard and the PBXA9 platform
> * A lot of (not widely used) hardware platforms is a burden for the
> (currently) relatively small Genode development community.
> * Last but not least, both platforms are not tested automatically like
> other hardware platforms Genode supports. Normally we try to
> automatically test a bunch of basic tests all night on various hardware
> platforms. Of course, we could add i.MX31 and vea9x4 to our test farm,
> but that includes hardware and engineering costs with (at least for us)
> questionable benefit.
> So, as long as there is nobody who cries: "No, I use one of these
> platforms with Genode! I need it." I would vote for the removal of both.

sure. We do not need it. 

> Regards
> Stefan
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