Problems with virtualbox after commit cdb7904

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Tue Aug 5 11:30:42 CEST 2014


On 30.07.2014 11:57, Christian Menard wrote:
>> Which x86 hardware do you use ? Does it happen on all your machines or
>> only on one specific one ?
> I'm working with the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1. The specs can be found here: 

I tried to reproduce your issue but had no luck. Its working for me with
an 1st generation Core i5 and some recent Core i7.

I fear without some kind of debug output it makes not much sense to try
to debug it. Some none straightforward options to get some Genode output
could be:

- We have a server called tcp_terminal which can be used to redirect
Genodes log output via TCP/IP from a target machine. Of course in order
to work one requires a network driver, which we not have for your
Touchpad. Wireless support is currently in development and is planned
for the next Genode release.

- Another option may be the use of Genodes USB stack. Theoretically you
could attach a network usb connector to your Touchpad and enable the
appropriate driver in Genodes usb stack for that device. We have done
this already for several usb network devices. If this works you may then
use the tcp_terminal server mentioned above.

- Another direction would be to use a usb-to-serial adapter and enable
support in Genodes USB stack side and write a server providing a Genode
LOG service and using the usb stack to route the ouput out.


> I only have this single machine to experiment with but with qemu everything 
> works fine. I also tried to run the scenario on Virtualbox but it crashes on 
> startup. However, this is probably an unrelated issue and a bug in Virtualbox 
> itself.
>> Do you have maybe a working run script or branch and can you put the
>> Android image somewhere, so I could try to reproduce it.
> You can find a minimal run script for usage with qemu here: 
> The android image is an unmodified android-x86, it can be downloaded here: 
> Cheers 
> Christian
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