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Mon Mar 25 18:50:09 CET 2013

Hi Andreas,

> I'm no expert in that field but somebody who is might take a look at
> and

thank you for these insightful (and admittedly frightening) links. Given
these discussions, mixing compilation units compiled with -std=c++11 and
-std=c++98 looks risky indeed. It seems that the problem can be avoided
only by compiling the whole C++ code base consistently with one kind of
-std argument. But I wonder how do Linux distributions do that? For
example, if Qt5 uses C++11, does it mean that Qt5 must not be linked to
programs compiled with -std=c++98? This is hard to believe.

> As far as I understand the above deal mainly with issues
> within the standard library which might not be a problem
> when relying on the genode toolchain but could for the
> lx_hybrid platform.

I agree. But how should we go about this?


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