Using C++11 by default

Alexander Tarasikov alexander.tarasikov at ...9...
Sat Mar 23 22:32:21 CET 2013

2013/3/23 Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>:
> Hello,
> I would like to go with the times and switch Genode to use C++11 by
> default. This will enable us to solve a number of problems in a more
> elegant way, e.g., by using variadic templates for the RPC framework, we
> can possibly get rid of the current limit of the number of RPC functions
> supported by the 'GENODE_RPC_INTEFACE' declarations.
Very nice! using c++11 type inference and lambdas would be awesome. Besides,
initializer lists are a nice feature. I think c++11 nicely closes the
gap between C++, C99 and
modern languages like C#

Btw, how about adding some "map" like container to base with a simpler interface
than avl_tree and maybe based on some other data structure? (I'm not asking
to do it, just wonder if you think it's a good idea). Sorry for the off-topic

Regards, Alexander

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