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Thu Mar 21 08:30:59 CET 2013

Hello Sergey,

> I am sorry for off-topic.
> Is it possible to use STL containers using mentioned way? (change

yes. In order to use the C++ standard library, you will need to prepare
it first. To do that, just issue the following command from within the
'libports' repository:

  make prepare PKG=stdcxx

This will download and integrate the library with Genode. Also make sure
that the 'libports' repository is specified in your build directory's
'REPOSITORIES' declaration (in '<build-dir>/etc/build.conf').

Please note, however, that we at Genode Labs don't use the C++ standard
library much. So the stdcxx library does not receive much testing from
our side. If you encounter problems with it, please bear with us. Also,
some modern bits such as C++11 concurrency features are not supported.
The containers should work without problems though.

> And one more question: how can one use STL containers with Genode new
> placement operator?

I cannot help you here because I lack proficiency with STL. Maybe Daniel
can help out here?

Best regards

Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
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