More mapping issues.

Daniel Waddington waddy16925 at ...9...
Wed Jul 17 02:09:27 CEST 2013

I am still struggling with memory mapping issues.  Unfortunately I 
cannot give a simple test case.  We have a large memory hungry 
programming running on x86_64 Fiasco.OC.  During the initialization of 
memory (using sub-rm dataspace and attach mappings) we suddenly (mid-way 
through) get "Ipc error 16 in pagefault from 0".

Looking up error code 16, I see its L4_IPC_SEMAPFAILED which suggests 
that the implicit IPC send mapping of the flex page failed in the 
kernel. Is this correct?

Kernel func map<Mem_space> is failing but I can't find the 
implementation to track it further. Anyone know where it is?

Also, any advice on how to go about diagnosing this?


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