What is going on for february release?

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Thu Jan 31 16:10:18 CET 2013

Well, february 2013 is at our door now, and I would like to remember
us of the plan for it according to our 2013 roadmap:

-Low-latency audio support
The current audio_out-session interface was our first shot into the
direction of audio processing. To enable use cases where streaming
audio and sporadic sounds must be accommodated at the same time, we
need to revise our approach.

-IOMMU support on NOVA

-First steps of user-interface concept
--UI concept for pleasant working environment
--Tiled window manager
--Terminal improvements (e.g., scroll buffer)
--Noux improvements (e.g., signals)

-Improved x86 virtualization support
--Improved virtualization support (Vancouver on NOVA)

I'd like to have a small picture of who is working on what in the previous list.
And the current status of things.

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