build directory outside of Genode dir xor vim error

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Mon Jan 28 17:41:41 CET 2013

"Or alternatively, how about taking the lack of nano as a wonderful
opportunity to learn (and learn loving) vim, hehe... :-)"

I (nano nano) agree.

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> From: Norman Feske
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> Subject: Re: build directory outside of Genode dir xor vim error
> Hi Paul,
> > First change: staging rather than master.
> this is not recommended. We often change the commits that are on staging
> but not yet merged into master. Hence, using staging will be pretty
> messy on your side. If you like to use a particular commit that is only
> available on staging, better create a new branch of master and
> cherry-pick the single commit:
>   git checkout -b <name-of-your-branch> genodelabs/master
>   git cherry-pick <commit-id>
> > Second change: try make run/noux_bash
> > 
> > Third change:
> > ./tool/create_builddir linux_x86 BUILD_DIR="./build.lx"
> > rather than the usual:
> > ./tool/create_builddir linux_x86 BUILD_DIR="build.lx"
> Both variants should work. I just tried them - they produce exactly the
> same build directory.
> > About third change, result in make run/noux_bash to:
> >   Program core/core
> > make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/paul/build.lx'
> > genode build completed
> I think you missed some steps that are needed prior running the
> run/ script.
> First, can you check that you enabled the 'libports', 'ports', and
> 'gems' repositories in your '<build-dir>/etc/build.conf' file?
> You will also need to download several 3rd-party source codes in
> 'libports' and 'ports' respectively. I guess that the build system has
> printed a couple of messages like the following, has it?
>  Skip target noux-pkg/bash because it requires prepare_bash
>  Skip target noux-pkg/coreutils because it requires prepare_coreutils
>  Skip target noux-pkg/vim because it requires prepare_vim
> These messages indicate that the said 3rd-party codes are not available.
> To rectify the problem, please issue the following commands:
>   cd <genode-dir>/ports
>   make prepare PKG='bash coreutils vim'
> You will also need to download some code in libports, i.e., the libc and
> ncurses:
>   cd <genode-dir>/libports
>   make prepare PKG='libc ncurses'
> > find: `bin/coreutils/': No such file or directory
> That is because of the missing 'make prepare' steps mentioned above.
> > couldn't open "bin/vim/share/vim/vimrc": no such file or directory
> When built successfully, the so-called noux packages (such as coreutils,
> bash, and vim) will end up being installed at
> '<build-dir>/bin/<noux-package-name>'. Because the build system skipped
> those packages in your case, these directories do not exist. However,
> the run script expects them to be present after having completed the
> build step. When it tries to generate a vimrc file at the
> '<build-dir>/bin/vim/share/vim/vimrc', it fails because the surrounding
> directory does not exist.
> Maybe it would be a good idea to let the run script detect this
> condition and print a more meaningful error message?
> > I need my own vim configuration file?
> The run script generates a vim configuration file for you.
> > I am not too used to vim... I prefer nano.
> The '' script generates a system that consists only of
> coreutils, bash, and vim. It is just an example and is meant as a
> starting point for creating customized systems. For example, the
> noux_tool_chain* scripts describe much more sophisticated system
> scenarios including gcc and binutils.
> There is currently no noux package for nano. So you would need to port
> nano first before being able to integrate it. If you like to give it a
> try, look for the way how a simple noux package such as GNU make is
> integrated in the 'ports' repository. Depending on the package, the
> porting work may involve slight refinements of the libc or noux, or will
> even require you to port additional libraries first. Of course, you will
> also need to modify the run script accordingly. You are welcome to give
> it a shot.
> Or alternatively, how about taking the lack of nano as a wonderful
> opportunity to learn (and learn loving) vim, hehe... :-)
> Cheers
> Norman
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