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Are you looking to have this work on a microkernel or on top of a microkernel service?
If the former and if I understand the microkernel pardigm Evas is said to write to the hardware and would have to be ported to/as a (microkernel) service. Is that what you have in mind here? 

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> Now that I am reading the README of Evas 1.7.4 (I would think only
> this lib deals with backend buffers), the restriction seems much less
> strict:
> Must:
>   libc
>   eina (1.1.0 or better)
>   freetype (2.1.9 or better)
> Recommended:
>   libX11 + libXext + libXrender
>   OpenGL2.0 or OpenGL-ES 2.0
>   fontconfig
>   libpng
>   libjpeg (6.0 or better)
>   eet (1.5.0 or better)
>   fribidi
>   harfbuzz
>   liblinebreak
> Optional:
>   XCB SDL OpenGL esvg libtiff libgif edb DirectFB evas_generic_loaders
> So X11 is optional.
> Using configure with:
> The following seems interesting:
> --enable-fb[=static]  [well less interesting]
> this is the software framebuffer driving engine. this uses the linux
> framebuffer device (/dev/fb{X}) and will currently just inherit the current
> framebuffer settings on the fb device and use them to run in. this engine is
> almost fully functional except for the fb management itself. this engine is
> specifically geared towards people writing minimalist display systems for
> embedded devices such as the ipaq, zaurus, etc. it also scales up to high-res
> desktop systems as
> well.
> --enable-directfb[=static]
> this is the direct fb engine that uses direcftb (http://www.directfb.org) on
> linux to access the framebuffer with (or maybe without) acceleration. for
> people making set-top boxes or just wanting an alternative to X this is
> really good. it may also be useful for embedded devices supported by
> directfb that offer acceleration (otherwise the fb driver will likely be
> faster). as such this engine is in relative disrepair and is not
> maintained. use with great care.
> --enable-buffer[=static]
> this enables the memory buffer rendering engine. this engine renders
> to a region of memory that is considered to be a 32bit ARGB buffer of
> pixels, allowing the results of rendering to be directly read out or
> used again for other purposes.
> --enable-software-sdl[=static] [probably the most interesting since
> SDL is ported to Genode]
> this is the sdl engine that uses sdl library (http://www.libsdl.org). This
> library should work on many operating system. the buffer is
> software-rendered with evas's default software rendering core.
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