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Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Fri Jan 25 22:04:57 CET 2013

Now that I am reading the README of Evas 1.7.4 (I would think only
this lib deals with backend buffers), the restriction seems much less

  eina (1.1.0 or better)
  freetype (2.1.9 or better)

  libX11 + libXext + libXrender
  OpenGL2.0 or OpenGL-ES 2.0
  libjpeg (6.0 or better)
  eet (1.5.0 or better)

  XCB SDL OpenGL esvg libtiff libgif edb DirectFB evas_generic_loaders

So X11 is optional.

Using configure with:
The following seems interesting:

--enable-fb[=static]  [well less interesting]
this is the software framebuffer driving engine. this uses the linux
framebuffer device (/dev/fb{X}) and will currently just inherit the current
framebuffer settings on the fb device and use them to run in. this engine is
almost fully functional except for the fb management itself. this engine is
specifically geared towards people writing minimalist display systems for
embedded devices such as the ipaq, zaurus, etc. it also scales up to high-res
desktop systems as

this is the direct fb engine that uses direcftb (http://www.directfb.org) on
linux to access the framebuffer with (or maybe without) acceleration. for
people making set-top boxes or just wanting an alternative to X this is
really good. it may also be useful for embedded devices supported by
directfb that offer acceleration (otherwise the fb driver will likely be
faster). as such this engine is in relative disrepair and is not
maintained. use with great care.

this enables the memory buffer rendering engine. this engine renders
to a region of memory that is considered to be a 32bit ARGB buffer of
pixels, allowing the results of rendering to be directly read out or
used again for other purposes.

--enable-software-sdl[=static] [probably the most interesting since
SDL is ported to Genode]
this is the sdl engine that uses sdl library (http://www.libsdl.org). This
library should work on many operating system. the buffer is
software-rendered with evas's default software rendering core.

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