Nova 32 bits on older Pentium 4 computer.

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Wed Jan 23 09:20:09 CET 2013

Hello Paul,

On 22.01.2013 23:59, Christian Helmuth wrote:
> For me, it looks like your VESA BIOS tries to access physical page 0,
> which is not available. This fact is also logged in the following
> lines
>> :io_mem_alloc: Allocator 16165c dump:
>>  Block: [0009f000,00100000) size=00061000 avail=00061000 max_avail=00061000
>>  Block: [00400000,01800000) size=01400000 avail=01400000 max_avail=01400000
>>  Block: [018b6000,01e66000) size=005b0000 avail=005b0000 max_avail=005b0000
>>  Block: [1fcf0000,1fd00000) size=00010000 avail=00010000 max_avail=e0181000
>>  Block: [1fe80000,00001000) size=e0181000 avail=e0181000 max_avail=e0181000
This line looks suspicious. The start address is ok, but the end address
isn't. It seems to have been wrapped. So, I would expect something like:

Block: [1fe80000,ffffffff) size=e0180000 avail=e0180000 max_avail=e0180000
Block: [00000000,00001000) size=1000 avail=1000 max_avail=1000

It looks like that the allocator merged the 2 blocks into one, just a
guess ...

Mmh, please apply following patch and post the output in order to
understand what lead to the problem.

>>  => mem_size=3787071488 (3611 MB) / mem_avail=3787071488 (3611 MB)
> The region [0,1000) is missing. I don't know why this happens as
> base-nova/src/core/ states in line 360
>   /* needed as I/O memory by the VESA driver */
>   _io_mem_alloc.add_range(0, 0x1000);
>   _core_mem_alloc.phys_alloc()->remove_range(0, 0x1000);
> Maybe Alexander can shed some light on this?

With the patch we know hopefully more ...


Alexander Boettcher.
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