Genode 12.11 on Ubuntu 64 bits: Could not open file "" seems to cause black window

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Tue Jan 15 14:25:14 CET 2013

he he, I wish I would have read tool_chain.txt before.

I was merely following instructions in getting_started.txt that is not
very clear:
"Furthermore, you will need to install the official Genode toolchain, which
you can download at []."
That's probably where I would add a comment to read tool_chain.txt
(probably replacing the link).

So I was quite a bit on my own on how to install it. When I open it in
preview I saw it was like a root, so I tried to extract it on /. But I
was not remembering what was the bzip2 flag to use rather than the
slightly more usual gzip one. I finally did a 'sudo file-roller'.
I then did add the PATH merely because I tought it was a new gcc that
was overriding the system one by being in the PATH. It was not
something I did read.

Would it be possible to replace (or add) the too terse readme in by an
extract of/or tool_chain.txt?

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