Genode 12.11 on Ubuntu 64 bits: Could not open file "" seems to cause black window

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Tue Jan 15 04:45:27 CET 2013

>if your Ubuntu GCC version is 4.7.x, you need to apply the patch from this bugtracker issue:
Yep, manually applying the patch make the launchpad window to work.

That said, I was using the Genode toolchain which is gcc 4.7.2 from:
 by using "$ export PATH=/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin:$PATH" after
extracting it in /

And I was merely following the doc:
README suggesting to read  doc/getting_started.txt which was suggesting to:
! cd <genode-dir>
! ./tool/create_builddir linux_x86 BUILD_DIR=build.lx

The new build directory is called 'build.lx' and configured for the 'linux_x86'
platform. To give Genode a try, build and execute a simple demo scenario via:

! cd build.lx
! make run/demo

I believed that this bug would be encounter by almost every new people
using the current version. And that a 12.11.1 new release file should
have been put on Sourceforge for people to avoid it.

BTW, I would have liked it to be more clear that I needed to extract
the toolchain in / (which seems a bit weird to me, would have expected
to put it in the same directory as Genode).

I begin to doubt that the:
$ export PATH=/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin:$PATH
since the toolchain have it's own name:

Also, notre that the :
[init] Could not open file "" is still there in the now
working version:
spawn ./core
int main(): --- create local services ---
int main(): --- start init ---
int main(): transferred 79 MB to init
int main(): --- init created, waiting for exit condition ---
[init] Could not open file ""
[init -> launchpad] Could not open file ""
[init -> launchpad] Could not open file "config"
[init -> launchpad] Could not obtain config file
[init -> fb_sdl] creating virtual framebuffer for mode 1024x768 at ...64...
[init -> nitpicker] framebuffer is 1024x768 at ...23...
[init -> nitpicker] create session with args: fb_format=1,
label="launchpad", ram_quota=1646592
[init -> nitpicker] Could not open file "config"
[init -> nitpicker] Could not obtain config file
[init -> nitpicker] create session with args: fb_width=400,
fb_height=1504, fb_format=1, label="launchpad", ram_quota=1211392
[init -> launchpad] --- entering main loop ---
[init -> launchpad] starting liquid_fb with quota 7340032
[init -> launchpad] using unique child name "liquid_fb"
[init -> launchpad -> liquid_fb] Could not open file "config"
[init -> launchpad -> liquid_fb] Could not obtain config file

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