small questions regarding JDB ipc call trace

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Tue Jan 15 02:03:20 CET 2013


Here goes an example line of jdb IPC call trace output:

    ipc: 04df repl->[C:INV] DID=ffffffff L=0 [00000000] (00000000,00000000)
    ipc: 045f call ipc->[C:205003] DID=40d L=0 [0000000b]
(00000fb0,00000003) TO=INF/INF

I have looked through the fiasco source code that generates this output and
figured out that

    L=0 is the label of message
    [00000000] is the tag of the message
    (00000fb0,00000003) is the first two words of the message

My questions are:
1) I observe most labels are zero in the output. I think genode defines
label 0 as invalid capability, then this value looks like not correct?

2) What is the tag of the message?

3) By any chance, the second word of the message is the opcode? (Since I
would like to know the opcode in IPC, that is my wish)

Best regards
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