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Thu Dec 26 19:45:32 CET 2013

Hello Lonnie,

your steps 1 to 10 look perfectly fine.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Then go to each directory and do "make prepare" just to be sure.
> cd ~/genode/ports; make prepare
> cd ~/genode/libports; make prepare

The ports and libports repositories contain ports of 3rd-party
applications and libraries respectively. The 3rd-party code is not
included in the Genode source tree but it can be downloaded in an
automated fashion via the "make prepare" mechanism. To see the available
packages, just type "make" in the libports or ports repositories. By
just issuing "make prepare" with no further argument, all packages will
be downloaded. This will easily sum up to several GiB of source codes.
However, most of them are not needed for the script,
i.e., openssl will remain unused. So there is little point to install
it. To download only a few selected packages, a list of desired packages
can be specified via the PKG argument. Hence, I suggested in my email to
just download the packages that are actually required for the script. This way, you can side-step the SSL issue for
now, and you safe disk space and time. ;-)

> ERROR HERE-------------------------------
> --2013-12-26 11:12:20--
> Resolving <> (
> <>)...
> Connecting to <> (
> <>)||:443... connected.
> ERROR: The certificate of ` <>' is
> not trusted.
> ERROR: The certificate of ` <>'
> hasn't got a known issuer.

To take a look under the hood when you issue the "make prepare" command,
you can add "VERBOSE=" as argument. For example, to debug the
openssl-download issue, you might try the following (from within the
libports repository):

  make prepare PKG=openssl VERBOSE=

You will see that the "make prepare" mechanism just tries to fetch the
archive using the wget command. This step apparently fails for you for
some reason. I just tried it on my machine and it works well for me.

Are you able to manually download the archive using a web
browser? Also, could you try to issue the wget command manually?

  wget -c -P download


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