Fwd: Ask for help: The new Valgrind ported to the Fiasco.OC and L4Re

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Hi Jian,

(cc'ing genode-main as they might be interested in this discussion).

as pointed out in the email you forwarded, Valgrind is part of the
public L4Re release, which can be found at
https://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/L4Re/ The website also includes build

The porting effort mentioned in our paper is mainly because Valgrind
intercepts system calls and performs its own resource management. This
is implemented for Linux and we had to adapt this to run Valgrind on
L4Re. If you wanted to do the same thing for Genode, you'd probably
have to make the same adjustments fot that system.

As Genode runs on many different microkernels, I am afraid that your
port would not be Genode-specific, but specific for a certain
(Genode+microkernel) combination. But I'd like to hear the oppinion of
Genode people with respect to that.

Further, note that the L4Re Valgrind port has last been updated around
2 years ago. If you start your own project, I would strongly recommend
to start with a recent Valgrind version (from http://valgrind.org).
You could probably still use the L4Re port to figure out which parts
of Valgrind you need to touch (it's mainly coregrind).


On 18.12.2013 04:54, Jian LIU/Gmail wrote:
> Hi, Bjorn,
> I wanna to port your Valgrind debugging tool on L4Re to Genode.
> So, firstly, I want to know where to download the tool and how to
> build on L4Re release. After that, could you give me some advise or
> tips on which module codes should be modified when porting to
> Genode? I learned the you had 2,274 loc on native valgrind
> modification for L4Re (which mentioned in your paper "Capability
> wrangling made easy ..."). Thanks.
> Best,
> Jian
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> Hi MA Lele,
> you can download the last version of our Valgrind port from the
> L4Re public subversion repository. Please check 
> https://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/L4Re/ for details.
> Kind regards, Bjoern Doebel
> On 14.08.2013 06:15, lele wrote:

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