Build system wipes include directory

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Sat Dec 7 19:08:14 CET 2013

Dear List,

I am experimenting with genode and till now it went pretty good. I was
building my project and had to rebuilt it a couple of times and suddenly
the built broke.

I thought no problem, thus I did a make clean. This wasn't helpful. Then I
did a make cleanall, but now it wiped out the whole build/include

Is this intended behaviour or should I not put things there? At this stage
it is just annoying, but I think this is a bug, because the tutorial puts
the headers, which define the RPC interfaces. Can I prevent this behaviour?

And I want to use c++ features like Strings instead of char *. How can I
enable this? I recognize I need a library for this, but I can't find it in

Thanks for your help!


Edgar Klerks
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