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Tue Dec 3 15:09:59 CET 2013

Just trying out Noux and unable to build. Followed the 11.02 release notes: 
Pulled a virgin genode from github.make prepare PKG=coreutilstool/create_builddir linux_x86 BUILD_DIR=build.linux_x86make run/noux
Could anyone possibly give me a hint?
Thanks in advanceNick

make run/nouxusing run script /home/nick/genode_linux/genode/base-linux/run/envusing run script /home/nick/genode_linux/genode/ports/run/noux.runbuilding targets:  core init drivers/timer noux/minimal server/log_terminal lib/libc_noux noux-pkg/coreutils spawn make core init drivers/timer noux/minimal server/log_terminal lib/libc_noux noux-pkg/coreutilsmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/nick/genode_linux/genode/build.linux_x86'checking library dependencies...Library-description file is missingLibrary-description file is missing  Library platform    MERGE    platform.lib.a  Library syscall    COMPILE  lx_clone.o    COMPILE  lx_syscall.o    MERGE    syscall.lib.a  Library base-common    COMPILE  allocator/allocator_avl.o    COMPILE  allocator/slab.o    COMPILE  avl_tree/avl_tree.o    COMPILE  child/child.o    COMPILE  console/console.o    COMPILE  elf/elf_binary.o    COMPILE  env/debug.o    COMPILE  env/rm_session_mmap.o    COMPILE  heap/heap.o    COMPILE  heap/sliced_heap.o    COMPILE  ipc/ipc.o    COMPILE  lock/lock.o    COMPILE  main_bootstrap.o    COMPILE  process/process.o    COMPILE  server/common.o    COMPILE  server/server.o    COMPILE  signal/common.o    COMPILE  signal/signal.o    COMPILE  thread/trace.o    MERGE    base-common.lib.a  Library startup    COMPILE  _main.o    ASSEMBLE crt0.o    MERGE    startup.lib.a  Library cxx    COMPILE  exception.o    COMPILE  guard.o    COMPILE  malloc_free.o    COMPILE  misc.o    COMPILE  new_delete.o    COMPILE  unwind.o    MERGE    supc++.o    CONVERT  supc++.o    MERGE    cxx.lib.a  Library base    COMPILE  console/log_console.o    COMPILE  env/context_area.o    COMPILE  env/env.o    COMPILE  env/platform_env.o    COMPILE  thread.o    COMPILE  thread_linux.o    MERGE    base.lib.a  Library alarm    COMPILE  alarm.o    MERGE    alarm.lib.a  Library timer    COMPILE  main.o    COMPILE  platform_timer.o    MERGE    timer.lib.a  Program drivers/timer/timer    COMPILE  empty.o    LINK     timer  Library init_pd_args    COMPILE  pd_args.o    MERGE    init_pd_args.lib.a  Library config    COMPILE  config.o    MERGE    config.lib.a  Program init/init    COMPILE  main.o    LINK     init  Program noux/minimal/noux    COMPILE  dummy_net.o    COMPILE  main.o    LINK     noux  Library server    COMPILE  server.o    MERGE    server.lib.a  Program server/log_terminal/log_terminal    COMPILE  main.o    LINK     log_terminal  Program core/core    COMPILE  context_area.o    COMPILE  core_printf.o    COMPILE  cpu_session_component.o    COMPILE  cpu_session_extension.o    COMPILE  cpu_session_support.o    COMPILE  io_mem_session_component.o    COMPILE  main.o    COMPILE  pd_session_component.o    COMPILE  platform.o    COMPILE  platform_services.o    COMPILE  platform_thread.o    COMPILE  ram_session_component.o    COMPILE  ram_session_support.o    COMPILE  rom_session_component.o    COMPILE  signal_session_component.o    COMPILE  signal_source_component.o    COMPILE  thread.o    COMPILE  thread_linux.o    COMPILE  trace_session_component.o    LINK     coremake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/nick/genode_linux/genode/build.linux_x86'genode build completed/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-x86-strip: 'bin/coreutils/bin/*': No such file    while executing"exec sh -c "[cross_dev_prefix]strip bin/coreutils/bin/*""    (file "/home/nick/genode_linux/genode/ports/run/" line 5)    invoked from within"source $include_name"    ("foreach" body line 3)    invoked from within"foreach include_name [get_cmd_arg --include ""] {	puts "using run script $include_name"	source $include_name}"    (file "/home/nick/genode_linux/genode/tool/run" line 803)make: *** [run/noux] Error 1
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