Qt and lwip-1.4.1

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Mon Sep 17 12:05:42 CEST 2012

*After upgrade lwip to version 1.4.1 I have an issue in qt-network. In my
fork was implemented Ssl support in qt-network for using in web browsers.
With new lwip https doesn’t work. Http works, but I think with issues too.
I tried to investigate this issue. I think it is related to non-blocking
sockets, which implemented in the new version. All simple examples are
working properly. Issues occur only in a Qt application. I found that
qtapplication calls
connect and the connection started in non-blocking mode, connect return
EINPROGRESS. After qt made call connect again, in such case connect must
return EAGAIN, but it doesn’t  happen in lwip. It doesn’t affect for http
connection, but ssl connection is dropped.
Anyone already faced such issues?*

Ivan Loskutov
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