How to make rm-sessions upgradeable?

Taru Karttunen taruti at ...102...
Sun Sep 16 13:08:27 CEST 2012

On Sun, 16 Sep 2012 12:36:48 +0200, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...> wrote:
> there is already a bit of support for such upgrades in place. Please
> have a look at 'base/include/base/platform_env.h'. The class behind
> 'env()->rm_session()' is actually an 'Expanding_rm_session_client',
> which is meant to transparently upgrade the session quota as needed.
> Right now, the implementation covers only the 'attach' function though.
> For accommodating your concern, we should cover all functions that
> implicitly consume session quota. In your actual case, this would be
> 'add_client'.

Thanks. I was aware of the Expanding_*_client classes but I was mistaken
in the belief that the thread creation used rm in some implicit way
instead of going through that session. My mistake.

I'll write and submit the following patches:

1) expand Expanding_rm_session_client to handle the necessary functions
2) create Expanding_cpu_session_client and the assorted fixes (I have
this code already and just need to polish it).

ps. Thanks for the patience to help with this.

- Taru Karttunen

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