mke2fs freezes with device-mapper device

Stefan Kalkowski stefan.kalkowski at ...1...
Mon Nov 26 12:17:54 CET 2012


On 11/25/2012 04:39 PM, Timur wrote:
> Thanks, but I've already test it and it's doesn't work with device-mapper 
> device

can you describe the failure more specifically? I've used your initramfs
archive successfully to encrypt a disk via cryptsetup. After that I've
opened the encrypted disk, created an ext3 filesystem within it, and
produced a large file in that filesystem.
Beforehand, I had to extend the Linux kernel configuration to support
loop devices, dm-crypt, and the necessary cryptographic modules.

I've to admit, that the current staging branch seems to be a bit
unstable with regard to L4Linux. I realized a hang of the Linux kernel
while booting. But it's hard to reproduce, and didn't occured after the
login is available.


Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs ยท

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