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Mon Nov 19 09:49:53 CET 2012

Hi Ali,

thanks for giving Genode a try and for your encouraging words!

> 1. I had to add REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/dde_linux to
> etc/build.conf in order to get everything to build properly, otherwise
> make would throw an error at devices/usb. Is this correct?

This is correct. Thanks for pointing this out. This detail is certainly
missing in our documenation.

> 2. If I close any of the children applications using the 'x' button in
> launchpad I get the error below and everything hangs. I had a little
> look at the code and the forums and while I understand the current
> state of affairs I was wondering if there is a way around this problem
> such that way things wouldn't hang so abruptly?
> unmapping of managed dataspaces not yet supported
> no RM attachment (READ pf_addr=400fe990 pf_ip=80018bb8 from 24)Assertion failed:
>  c
>   File: /home/ali/tools/genode/base-hw/src/core/
>   Function: void Kernel::do_submit_signal(Kernel::Thread*)

You are using the 'base-hw', platform, which is still in an experimental
stage and pretty much work in progress. For the Pandaboard, I would
currently recommend to use 'foc_panda' because it is more mature. You
will have to issue 'make prepare' in the 'base-foc' repository to use
it. All the other steps should be the same.

> 3. Nitpicker gets noticeably unresponsive when a new process is being
> launched. What's the reason behind this in layman's terms? My hunch is
> that this is due to nitpicker and not related to the core but I just
> wanted a bit more detail if possible please.

At the start time of launchpad, the program will generate a bunch of
textures for GUI (i.e., for the window background). This takes a bit of
time. Because in the current version of base-hw on the Pandaboard,
caches are not enabled, this procedure takes much longer than normally.
However, this will change soon: ;-)

Those patches are not yet merged into mainline. We could observe that
they remedy the issue. Until the patches are merged, you may give
'base-foc' a try to see how well the interactive demo can perform on the

> 4. While probably not related to genode, does anyone know how I can
> get the reset button on the pandaboard to work properly? Right now it
> looks like it resets the board, but U-boot does not come back up
> again. I'm currently using the precompiled version from your
> repository.

This is new to me (maybe because I mainly used 'panda_foc' for the

Have fun with further exploring Genode and thanks for the feedback!


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