GRUB Error 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure when try to load core in Genode/NOVA demo

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Fri Nov 2 09:16:14 CET 2012

On 01.11.2012 10:29, Alexander Boettcher wrote:
> On 26.10.2012 11:34, Bill Chappell wrote:
>> I have successfully run the Genode demo on top of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the
>> Genode/NOVA demo on top of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
>> GRUB savedefault is false.

I tried to reproduce the issue.

I have compiled Genode master at a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
installation, copied the binaries of the demo setup into the boot
partition (for me ext2), added a grub2 entry and then I had to run the
grub2 configuration/update tool.

At the next boot I could choose the Genode at ...153... entry and the demo
setup came up finally.

Short instruction summary:
* put the attached grub2 entry to the folder /etc/grub.d and make it
* uncomment the GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT* values in /etc/default/grub
* run "sudo update-grub"
* verify that the boot entry really showed up in /boot/grub/grub.cfg
* copy the binaries of the Genode/Nova build directory to /boot/genode/.

I hope it helps,


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#!/bin/sh -e
echo "Genode at ...153..."
cat << EOF
menuentry "Genode at ...153..." {
	insmod ext2
	multiboot /genode/hypervisor
	module /genode/core
	module /genode/config config
	module /genode/init init
 	module /genode/timer timer
	module /genode/nitpicker nitpicker
	module /genode/liquid_fb liquid_fb
	module /genode/launchpad launchpad
	module /genode/scout scout
	module /genode/testnit testnit
	module /genode/nitlog nitlog
	module /genode/pci_drv pci_drv
	module /genode/vesa_drv vesa_drv
	module /genode/ps2_drv ps2_drv

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