GRUB Error 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure when try to load core in Genode/NOVA demo

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Thu Nov 1 10:29:08 CET 2012


can you please put your grub menu.lst configurations somewhere and post
a link, so we can have a look.

Do I understand it correctly, that you want to add a grub boot entry to
an existing Linux installation ? That means that the Genode and Kernel
binaries are located somewhere on a harddisk and not on a CDROM/ISO
image anymore ?

If yes, are the kernel binary and the Genode binaries located on the
same partition of the harddisk or they are on potential different
partitions ? Do they have the same filesystem type ? Which filesystem
you are using ?



On 26.10.2012 11:34, Bill Chappell wrote:
> I am trying to run the Genode(12.08)/NOVA demo as a boot option under
> Legacy GRUB following the "official" Genode instructions.
> When GRUB executes the line "module <path>/core", it halts
> with Error 16 as in the subject line.  Also if I use full paths, no 
> symlinks.
> When I edit the Genode Demo entry as GRUB runs and delete everything
> below the "kernel hypervisor" line, NOVA loads, reports 2 cores, and halts
> because "no ELF".
> "file core" reports that core is a 32 bit ELF.
> I have successfully run the Genode demo on top of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the
> Genode/NOVA demo on top of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
> GRUB savedefault is false.
> I tried the patch to stage2/fsys_iso9660.c with no luck.
> I have used both an IBM ThinkCentre and an HP laptop (6530b) with both
> Legacy GRUB and Legacy GRUB with Trusted GRUB patches.
> "The Google" is out of suggestions.
> Thank you.
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