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Althaf althafkbacker at ...9...
Tue Mar 6 05:08:28 CET 2012

>. The top-level 'README' and the
> 'doc/getting_started.txt' are our current attempt to do so - apparently
> with limited success. I would be very happy about true beginners to
> suggest improvements regarding these documents. I hope that thanks to
> GitHub, the bar for beginners to suggest improvements is low enough. I'm
> positive about it, taking our experience of the past weeks as some kind
> of empirical evidence. Your contributions are a good example. .-)

Yea, obviously, i do get lost in GIT at times. :D

> With regard to providing working step-by-step instructions, I think that
> the concept of our run scripts is principally well suited for this
> purpose as each of those scripts illustrates the steps needed to
> integrate a certain component in a setup of low complexity. Because such
> scripts are executable, maintaining their consistency with the actual
> system is easy. If we provided a bunch of "howto" documents instead, we
> would have a hard time to ensure consistency. Inconsistent or misleading
> documentation, however, would be worse than having a no documentation.

Yes, i understand this. Yet, i didn't find get not setup that
difficult either. Well, i think, 'you' are thinking of it to be 'very'
perfect. It doesn't have to be, however if people get into trouble
with the inconsistent documents  they will surely come here to the ML.

Being frank, there is no issue without having such a document, as the
audience of this framework wouldn't be that 'dump' to try it out and
hack them. So, you don't have to focus on a complete newbie.

/althaf k backer/

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