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Mon Mar 5 14:32:33 CET 2012

Hello Althaf,

On Sun, Mar 04, 2012 at 12:35:22PM +0530, Althaf wrote:
> It would be beneficial to keep a user specific wiki, i meant not the
> actual documentation that is provided in the Genode home, but some
> newbie guide to getting started. Say  setting up network interface ,
> how to. etc. Well, though source tree is well organised , it can be a
> lost world for a newbie. So, a wiki from the genode domain would be of
> great help. What are your views ? Seems like future Google Summer of
> Code students  can benefit from this.

We had a Wiki for Genode on http://genode.org/ for the last years, but
besides one or two small community contributions all contents came
from Genode Labs. Beyond this limited feedback, we spent significant
efforts to maintain the Wiki and additionally the sames contents in
the source tree because this is what users of Genode have at hand.
During the transfer of the contents of our website from Plone to
static HTML, we skipped the Wiki in favour of the documentation
bundled with the sources.

We concentrate our development process (and this includes
documentation/howtos/...) at Git and GitHub. Therefore, the complete
docs can be cloned with the sources, issues for missing pieces or
shortcomings can be reported, discussed, and marked as
"doc"-specific. So, contributions will finally imply a pull request
or patch extracted from the issue discussion.

I personally do not see significant advantages of a Wiki over this
process, but more efforts in regard to moderation of another
communication channel. But, I'm open for other opinions and ideas.

Christian Helmuth
Genode Labs

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