Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Genode with us

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Fri Jul 27 14:32:01 CEST 2012


I just sent out an invitation with the Genode-Labs newsletter today.
Just in case you are not receiving these mailings, please find the
invitation text below:


when we released the first version of the Genode OS Framework four
years ago, a few people recognized the potential of the technology
but considered Genode largely as a research endeavor, which was
probably right at that time. Now, four years of dedication and 16
releases later, Genode has evolved to a comprehensive and useful
framework that increasingly captures the interest of the "real
world". Over the course of the last year, we learned about several
industrial research organizations who picked up our work to build
upon, received inquiries about licensing our technology for the
use in products, and observed increased public interest in the
prospects Genode promises with regard to privacy and security.

The most significant event for the project during the past year,
however, was our move to liberate its development process and
thereby expose our way of working and all technical discussions to
the public. Although this was a radical move for a small company
as ours, we got immediately rewarded by new developers and users
entering the scene and an emerging community spirit.

To celebrate these achievements together with us, we would like to
welcome you to join us having a barbecue and campfire at the

  Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/C0luj

  23th of August, 6 pm near Moritzburger Str. 1 in Dresden

Everyone who feels attached to Genode in some way to another,
please do not hesitate to drop by, hang out with the Genode crowd,
and enjoy the barbecue and beverages. If you plan to attend,
please send a brief notice until 20th of August to

  info at ...1...


Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
Genode Labs

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