[RFC] I guess we need an IRC channel at Freenode

Julian Stecklina js at ...14...
Fri Jan 20 10:09:00 CET 2012

Am Donnerstag, den 19.01.2012, 21:31 +0100 schrieb Norman Feske:
> Frankly, I'm in a quite similar position as Christian. Because of many
> time constraints with regard to my working hours and family life, my
> presence at the IRC would certainly be quite irregular. I'm also a bit
> afraid that this fully synchronous mode of communication may receive
> just too much of my attention. At least this was my experience when I
> was hanging out at #atariscne years ago. .-)

Same here, but for different channels. But I remember having great
arguments in #lisp and #stumpwm, so that time wasn't completely
wasted. :)

> Also, I am bit uncertain about having a further Genode-related
> communication channel in addition to the Genode.org news, the mailing
> list, issue tracker, Google+, and Genode Labs news letter.

I think IRC could be nice for general discussion and socializing (and
solving some hard-to-debug problems that need synchronous
communication). FOSDEM may be a good test run. ("If you're not there,
meet us online.")


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