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Fri Aug 24 12:16:10 CEST 2012

I built the Nova base at least a year ago and had no problems building using <genode>/base-nova/docs/nova.txt.
This time (with !make kernel no longer available) I do a !make and get the following:

checking library dependencies...Skip target core because it requires linuxSkip library syscall because it requires linuxSkip library ipc because it requires linuxSkip library rpath because it requires linuxSkip library thread because it requires linuxSkip library startup because it requires linuxSkip target test/ada because it requires gnatSkip target test/rm_nested because it requires experimental  Library platform    MERGE    platform.lib.a  Library slab    COMPILE  slab.o    MERGE    slab.lib.a  Library avl_tree    COMPILE  avl_tree.o    MERGE    avl_tree.lib.a  Library allocator_avl    COMPILE  allocator_avl.o    MERGE    allocator_avl.lib.a  Library cap_copy    COMPILE  cap_copy.o    MERGE    cap_copy.lib.a  Library console    COMPILE  console.o    MERGE    console.lib.a  Library cxx    COMPILE  exception.o    COMPILE  guard.o    COMPILE  malloc_free.o    COMPILE  misc.o    COMPILE  new_delete.o    COMPILE  unwind.o    MERGE    supc++.o    CONVERT  supc++.o    MERGE    cxx.lib.amake[1]: *** No rule to make target `syscall.lib', needed by `core_printf.lib'. Stop.make: *** [gen_deps_and_build_targets] Error 2
Could someone please give me a hint at what I should do here - I'm running on Ubuntu 12.04 32bit - the prebuilt toolchain seems to work OK.
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