Status of 2012 Roadmap

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Thu Aug 16 11:52:55 CEST 2012

Hi Robert,

we plan to release the Genode version 12.08 next week. As usual, the
release will be accompanied with comprehensive release notes describing
all the changes and the rationale behind them.

> Are you on target to realize the goals set out in the 12.08 milestone?
> August - Release 12.08
>  Tiled window manager and user-interface concept
>  Intel wireless driver
>  Persistent file system
>  Hosting website on Genode
>  Multi-processor support on NOVA, Pistachio, and Fiasco.OC

Not all of those points made it into the current release. In particular,
we haven't worked on the first two items. On the other hand, there is
plenty of new stuff that was not originally part of our road map. For
example extensive support for OMAP4, a new base platform, and vastly
enhanced support for the NOVA hypervisor.

Which of the topics is of particular interest for you?

BTW, the best way to track the progress of the project is certainly our
issue tracker. See


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