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Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Fri Aug 3 12:32:45 CEST 2012

Hi Nick,

I have forwarded your last mail to 'genode-main at lists.sourceforge.net',
but for the moment i'll CC to both addresses till you receive the main
list too.

Thank you for your positive feedback on 'base-hw' :-) i hope it will
assist you. But even though its abilities already exceed those of
'base-mb' there are many open issues. So if you'll find any obscurity
it might also help us to refine the code.

For the beginning, if you're looking for the crucial assembly parts of
the 'base-hw' kernel, i would suggest you to have a look at
'base-hw/src/core/arm_v7a/crt0.s' and
'base-hw/src/core/arm_v7a/mode_transition.s'. The first does the kernel
initialization whereas the latter manages any further kernel entry out
of the userland.

I hope you'll enjoy holiday in france, i'm also away for vacation in
norway from the 10th of august until the beginning of september.
So i'm looking forward to the beginning of your project.


On 08/03/2012 11:29 AM, Martin Stein wrote:
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: openrisc
> Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2012 08:08:18 +0100
> From: Nick Betteridge <nick.betteridge at ...2...>
> To: Martin Stein <martin.stein at ...1...>
> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for getting back to me - no problem on delayed reply as I'm
> looking after my two boys whilst trying to do some work. It's chaos.
> No problem also on using the genode lists. I may initially ask some very
> dumb questions as I haven't touched assembler work and processors since
> the early 80's.
> I have quickly scanned through your base_hw. Thank you so much for
> really documenting the code so well - at a first glance it looks as
> though a port should be straight forward.
> For the next two weeks I have to manage a 9 year old and a twelve year
> old and will attempt a port on my own if and when I get a chance. (I
> can't believe I was so badly behaved at those ages). After that we're on
> holiday in France until the beginning of September. From September
> onwards I hope to devote one day a week to this.
> Thanks again for being supportive and offering your help.
> Cheers,
> Nick
> On 03/08/12 00:14, Martin Stein wrote:
>> Hi Nick,
>> First of all please excuse the delayed reply.
>> For me its no problem that you've targeted me directly,
>> but i would propose to move this discussion to the
>> main list of Genode Labs for two reasons.
>> On the one hand it might be that other readers can
>> complete my comments in order that you can succeed
>> as soon as possible. On the other hand the results could
>> help other peoples as well.
>> To bring it back to your questions, i'm very pleased to
>> hear about your intentions concerning OpenRISC,
>> not least because for now i don't know anybody who
>> addresses oneself to this task.
>> Nevertheless i would recommend you to have a look
>> to my branch 'base_hw':
>> https://github.com/m-stein/genode/tree/base_hw
>> It offers the direct port of Genode to several CortexA9
>> systems through the 'base-hw' repository and thereby
>> pursues goals similar to 'base-mb'. Thus it can be seen
>> as the latest state of running Genode directly on RISC.
>> Furthermore 'base-mb' can't hide that it was my first
>> try to create a microkernel and it is an aspiration to
>> provide Microblaze support with the means of 'base_mb'
>> someday.
>> Certainly this branch will be merged to the official 'master'
>> branch soon, we only just merged it into staging to let our
>> build bot give it a last check.
>> So if you have further questions dont't hesitate to ask.
>> Cheers,
>> Martin
>> On 08/01/2012 07:25 PM, Nick Betteridge wrote:
>>> Hi Martin,
>>> I hope you don't mind me writing directly to you.
>>> I am just about to do a port of your microblaze base of genode to
>>> openrisc. After spending sometime reading through the OR1K
>>> architecture manual and additional documentation I'm hoping that it
>>> should be quite straight forward.
>>> However, it suddenly struck me that somebody might have already done
>>> this. Do you know if anybody has done an Openrisc port?
>>> Just one more question - do you have any idea when you will be adding
>>> capability-based delegation of communication rights to the base-mb tree?
>>> Finally, I may have a few questions about the microblaze
>>> implementation whilst doing the port - would you mind if I contacted you?
>>> Cheers and best regards,
>>> Nick
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