New version of LDSO

Sam Kerr stkerr at ...79...
Mon Oct 17 17:59:00 CEST 2011


I have been working on porting some of my dynamic loader work to the
newer version of Genode. I thought I would start by compiling the
test-ldso program and running it. When I do, I get the following output,
but I don't really understand why the errors are there. Can anyone offer

[init -> test-ldso] Starting ldso ...
[init -> test-ldso] Starting application ... environ: 83424
[init -> test-ldso] 
[init -> test-ldso] Static Geekings!
[init -> test-ldso] ================
[init -> test-ldso] Test read
[init -> test-ldso] no plugin found for read(0)
[init -> test-ldso] Static object in funcion ... a: aaaaaaaa b: bbbbbbbb
c: cccccccc 6: 00000666
[init -> test-ldso] Shared library function call ...good
[init -> test-ldso] Ctor in shared lib ... a: aaaaaaaa b: bbbbbbbb c:
cccccccc 6: 00000666
[init -> test-ldso] Exception in shared lib ... good (library)
[init -> test-ldso] Cross library exception ... good (cross library)
[init -> test-ldso] Exception during RPC: Could not open file
[init -> test-ldso] good
[init -> test-ldso] Exception in dynamic binary ... good (binary)
[init -> test-ldso] Exception inter-shared library ... good (inter)
[init -> test-ldso] Exception from LDSO with explicit catch ... good
[init -> test-ldso] Libc test: abs(-10): 10
[init -> test-ldso] ================
[init -> test-ldso] 
[init] virtual void Genode::Child_policy::exit(int): child exited with
exit value 0

-Sam Kerr

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