LDSO Question

Sam Kerr kerr.sam at ...9...
Thu Mar 17 13:04:57 CET 2011

Hi All,

I have been trying to work with the LDSO library and have been having some more package. I am running Genode on top of Pistachio.

I created a bootable image with the LDSO module, but when I start the disk, I get the following error message from LDSO:

	[init -> ldso] Starting ldso ...
	[init -> ldso] realloc - not yet implemented
	04804002 pf @ fffffffc, ip=00042ecd
	--- "KD# user touches kernel area" ---
	--------------------------------- (eip=f010c342, esp=f01163c7) ---

It's clear that realloc is not implemented, but is this provided in some other file? How do I work with the LDSO code?

-Sam Kerr

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