Question about hello tutorial

Ruchith Fernando ruchith.fernando at ...9...
Tue Sep 14 22:25:22 CEST 2010


I'm very new to Genode :-).

First I tried the quick start [1] and then I tried to setup the hello
tutorial with the instructions available with the distribution (10.08)
I ran into an issue when adding the entry to the /bin/config file
where the given config entry seems to be incorrect in syntax.
I added the following :

	<start name="hello_server">
		<resource name="RAM" quantum="1M"/>

Now when I run ./core I get the following output :

[init -> hello_server]
Genode::Allocator*): Creating root component.
[init] virtual bool Child::announce_service(const char*,
Genode::Root_capability, Genode::Allocator*): hello_server: illegal
announcement of service "Hello"

Is it possible that I have missed something?


I did look into the os/src/init/ file (announce_service() )
that reports the error and I found that after execution of :
            Genode::Service *s = _child_services->find(service_name, &_server);
s is null.

2. hello_tutorial/doc/hello_tutorial.txt

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