Using the HTTP server via TAP

Peter Nguyen petern at ...34...
Wed Jun 2 13:47:25 CEST 2010

Hi Sven,

> I'm not sure if I've got your setup right or not.
> You have a host operating system (guess linux) with two qemu  
> instances, one running Windows XP and the other running genode with  
> the webserver.
> Your host system also runs a dhcp server which assigns the same ip  
> address to both qemu instances.

I have this exact setup, where the host operating system is Ubuntu.

> This assignment could be caused by the fact that both qemu instances  
> have the same mac address.
> The 10.02 release notes state that the nic driver "fakes an ethernet  
> NIC with the MAC address 02-00-00-00-00-01". Where could that MAC  
> address come from? The driver obtains it from qemu in dde_tx_handler:
> dde_linux26_net_get_mac_addr(1, (unsigned char*)_mac_addr.addr);
> This schould be exactly that MAC address you shoud have configured  
> when starting up qemu (did you?):
> This could look like "-net nic,model=pcnet,macaddr=00:81:71:61:51:41"
> Perhaps you forgot this step?

So you're saying that when i run the web server, I need to explicitly  
state the mac address as stated above? If so, what about the XP  
machine. I've tried setting the mac address to something different,  
but so far it hasn't worked. Let me try this again.


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