Using the HTTP server via TAP

Peter Nguyen petern at ...34...
Wed Jun 2 05:04:38 CEST 2010


I was just wondering in using TAP with the HTTP server (and following 
the instructions in the genode 10.02 documentation), i've noticed that 
when i have multiple connections to the server, whereby i have a windows 
xp virtual machine making requests to the server in addition to the host 
operating system (the XP vm is running in qemu as well as the web 
server), the IP addresses that the web server obtains are always the 
same regardless of the machine making the requests. Does anyone know how 
to provide unique IP addresses for each VM ie. is there an option i 
can/need to specify when i run qemu? or is there something i have to do 
with dhcpd3 or the conf,pid or lease files to ensure this functionality.


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