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There is an implementation of some of these functions callable by C code
in base/src/base/cxx/ which becomes part of cxx.lib.a, but I
don't see a C header file which exports the interfaces. Depending on the
target setup the compiler either takes the header file(s) from itself
(system) or from Genode's libc, but the implementation is taken from the
cxx library (since it appears in the LIBS list of all targets). I'd
prefer to have header files which are created from the sources they are
referring to instead of taking them from elsewhere (although I admit
that prototypes of memcpy() or printf() should be the same on most



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> Hi Peter,


> > As an addition to the previous post by me, I have some pre-existing
C code

> that

> > I want to use in a Genode server I have created, and I don't really
want to

> > change this code. Currently, i'm not able to utilize functions like

> > memcpy etc in the C code i've written. What header files can I
include to

> ensure

> > that functions like memcpy and printf work in my code? From what I
can see,

> the

> > build process does not recognize the standard header files at all.


> the functionality you are referring to is provided by the C library.

> Just include the 'libc' repository to the 'REPOSITORIES' declaration

> of your '<builddir>/etc/build.conf'. This way, Genode's build system

> will incorporate the C library into the build process. For using the

> C library for your program, you need to add 'libc' to the 'LIBS' of

> your '' file. For more information, please refer to

> 'libc/README'.


> Norman



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