Broken assertion

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Tue Jan 5 08:43:36 CET 2010

Hi Peter,

this is a different error as the one mentioned in the Wiki. It actually
tells you what's wrong. ;-) In the 'weaver.xml' file, there is a
memsection referring to a file called 'config'. This is the
configuration file of Genode's init process. You can use a copy of
the template provided at 'os/config/demo'. You can either specify this
file as filename for the 'config' module entry in 'weaver.xml' or copy
it to your '<builddir>/bin/' directory (and of course rename it to
'config'). This bit was missing in the Wiki. So I added it to the Wiki
page. Thank you for pointing it out.


Peter Nguyen wrote:
> Hi,
> In the wiki describing how to build Genode on OKL4, does the bug alert refer to
> following message: An error occurred: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
> 'config'?
> I've followed the build instructions, and i've changed the value as suggested as
> the quick fix, but I still get this error.
> As usual, any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Peter

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