Configuring the TAP version of the HTTP server

Robert Wetzel rwe at ...24...
Wed Feb 24 12:11:08 CET 2010


from looking at the scripts it seems the bridging interface lacks an IP
means instead of eth0 you have to use the bridging interface as
for communication now. Then you should be able to connect from the "outside"
to your qemu virtualized system as well as the host computer.



PS: I found to be enlightening
about the
whole bridging issue itself; you can skip the Gentoo specific stuff
which tails
the more generic description of bridging on Linux.

On 02/23/2010 04:34 PM, Christian Helmuth wrote:
> Peter,
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 10:47:10PM +1030, Peter Nguyen wrote:
>> So i copied the three scripts Sven provided, and I am not able to get  
>> the bridged connection working. Every time i run the script, the  
>> current eth0 connection is closed, and another ethernet connection is  
>> created that results in no interaction with the outside world. When i  
>> close the server and run the script, the ethernet connection  
>> goes back to normal.
> Sounds strange, but I'm not very familiar with bridged setups. Maybe
> it does not work this way for you as it seems to work suboptimal for
> Sven too. He wrote
>   Perhaps you must prevent local networking from using the bridged
>   interface (for whatever reason, this does not seem to work in my
>   case)
> and configures his host to route over his wireless - Sven?
>> Am i meant to follow the instructions you provided in your email  
>> before i run these scripts? I tried doing that myself and it didn't  
>> work.
> No, Sven's scripts should work without my notes.
> Greets

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