Using Genode with Existing L4Ka::Pistachio Components?

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Wed Apr 15 10:30:14 CEST 2009

Hi Tyson,

> Hi, out of interest, is it possible to easily use Genode alongside
> existing L4 components (e.g. L4Linux, Darbat or custom servers)?
> Or would I have to rewrite the components to fit into the Genode
> architecture?

of course, the native Pistachio kernel API can be used from Genode
components. However, most of existing Pistachio software relies on
further user-land infrastructure, which would need to be ported to
Genode first. The reuse of existing Pistachio components should be
considered case by case. I am pretty confident that important components
such as L4Linux or Afterburner can be adapted to Genode with a moderate
effort. In contrast, if you are going to reuse components that rely on
a sophisticated execution environment (e.g., relying on IDL-based
communication), matters get more difficult.

> Also, I'm trying to figure out what the best way to solve a potential
> license conflict will be (other than don't use the new code/implement
> the feature at all, hopefully), given that Genode is released under the
> GPLv2,
>  and some components I'm planning to keep separate in their own
> servers/libraries to build an accompanying Personality on top of Genode
> will be released under the Eclipse Public License by the Symbian
> Foundation soon.

I am afraid, this conflict cannot be easily resolved as the EPL is not
compatible with the GPL (nor with the FreeBSD license and the like).
The FAQ on the EPL License is pretty clear about that:

On Google, I stumbled across a project that uses EPL but with an
additional clause about combining the work with GPL software.

If Symbian Foundation has the intent to make their software inter-
operable with non-EPL software, they will certainly add a clause like
that. Without such a clause, I see no way to resolve this conflict.


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