Cannot Link Genode 9.02 for L4Ka::Pistachio (With minimal customisation for i9)

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Sat Apr 11 23:00:02 CEST 2009

Hi Tyson,

you are trying to use your host's compiler for compiling Genode for
Pistachio. This is not recommended. In your case, the compiler's
libsupc++ uses the 'syscall' function, which is a glibc function
for invoking Linux system calls. This function does not exist on
the Pistachio version of Genode. For compiling Genode for platforms
other than Linux, I recommend using the designated tool chain:

You can either use the provided precompiled package or use our
tool-chain download-and-build script 'tool/tool_chain'.

Are you aware of our Wiki page regarding Genode on Pistachio?


Tyson Key wrote:
> Hi again, Norman.
> I've just modified the configuration file to use relative paths (thanks
> for the BUILD_BASE_DIR tip, by the way), and now I'm blessed with a
> shiny new error. Thankfully, it seems to be finding the L4Ka::Pistachio
> userland libraries and headers now, but it's choking on libsupc++.a
> towards the end of the linking phase (which is still more than it did,
> last time).
> As usual, I've uploaded the new log file at
>, and the link to the
> latest revision of the configuration file can also be found there.
> Tyson.

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