Availability for riscv64 OS

Martin Stein martin.stein at genode-labs.com
Mon Feb 27 10:53:36 CET 2023

As far as I know, in the Genode world, only the base-hw kernel supports
riscv. The bootloader loads base-hw bootstrap [5] which then loads the
base-hw kernel [6], which is part of and initializes Genode Core [7].
The two supported riscv platforms (BOARD variable) are virt_qemu_riscv
(qemu-system-riscv64) and migv (Hensoldt Cyber MiG-V). Please see [1],
[2], [3], and [4] for more information.


[1] https://genode.org/documentation/release-notes/21.05#RISC-V
[2] https://genodians.org/ssumpf/2021-02-24-riscv
[3] https://genode.org/documentation/articles/riscv
[4] https://genode.org/documentation/release-notes/22.08#RISC-V
[5] repos/base-hw/src/bootstrap
[6] repos/base-hw/src/core/kernel
[7] repos/base/src/core

On 24.02.23 13:41, Sagar Acharya via users wrote:
> I noticed that there is some support for riscv64. Which kernels and bootloaders are supported for riscv64 based systems. Today, is it possible to build a monocore monoprocess shell based OS with genode?
> Thanking you
> Sagar Acharya
> https://designman.org
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