Trustzone with virt_qemu_arm_v8a

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Mon Feb 27 10:23:43 CET 2023

Dear Genodians,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to follow up on our
previous discussion regarding running kernels in secure mode using QEMU.

As per your suggestion, we have investigated the use of QEMU for this
purpose and found that it does support the required kernels. However, we
require further guidance on setting up an exception vector for the EL3.
Could you kindly provide us with the necessary steps to accomplish this

Additionally, we are interested in running a simple program similar to the
one demonstrated in the IMX demo. Could you please suggest any relevant
documents or threads that could assist us in achieving this objective?

Thank you for your time and assistance.



On Wed, Feb 22, 2023 at 2:30 PM Stefan Kalkowski <
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> Hello Devashish,
> in its currently used form on ARMv8: if Genode's own kernel variant
> "base-hw" gets booted into TrustZone's secure mode at all, it leaves
> it without doing any additional setup into the normal world resp.
> directly into EL2 hypervisor mode to prepare that.
> With other words, without modifications you can't use the secure world
> right now. On most platforms this is actually already in use by ARM's
> Trusted Firmware (ATF), which implements things like multi-processor
> wakeup, suspend etc., so we can't make use of it without replacing the
> whole ATF.
> In general it is however possible to do so, but you'll need to do
> several in-depth modifications to make that work. First you need to
> find out whether on Qemu the kernel gets started in secure mode. If
> yes you would need at least to setup an exception vector for the EL3
> secure-monitor mode, so that you handle for instance SMC-calls.
> Probably you'll need to setup the MMU for the EL3 mode.
> To sum it up it is some serious work to do. If you are interested in
> exploring that, please have a look into the current CPU and exception-level
> (EL) setup in file:
> repos/base-hw/src/bootstrap/spec/arm_64/
> That would be a good starting point to hook in.
> Regards
> Stefan
> On Wed, Feb 22, 2023 at 01:40:13PM +0530, Devashish Dewangan cs21m017
> wrote:
> > Dear Genodians,
> > I am working with virt_qemu_arm_v8a, and I read the extensive
> documentation
> > on how Genode has experimented with the Trustzone of ARM. I want to
> explore
> > the Trustzone and run an application in the secure mode, but I wanted to
> > know if it is possible to do with virt_qemu_arm.
> >
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> > Regards,
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